San Diego located French Patisserie and 🧁
San Diego located French Patisserie and 🧁
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Thanks for your interest in desserts from Bonjour Patisserie!
We approach each order as a custom experience so pricing will vary depending on the time required to bring your vision to life, however, we can provide some general information below to see if we’re a good fit for your budget.
Delivery is available on qualifying orders of $500+ and the delivery fee varies depending on delivery destination.


•Click here to view our bites menu.
•We suggest a minimum of 3 dessert bites per guest for serving size.
•The menu includes the price per dessert, but please note there is a 2 dozen minimum requirement per dessert/flavor ordered. 


•We suggest a minimum of 3 creampuffs per guest for a starter serving size. 
•Smallest croquembouche serves 40 people, starting at $200